Author: Tisa J

The Costs and Benefits of Your Network

Are you reluctant to move forward with a project or goal because of costs?  Too often we focus solely on the expenditures rather than the benefits or returns. It is a good habit to look deeper at both tangible and intangible cost and benefits before we give up on a project. Whether you are considering launching a new business, changing careers or changing jobs it is difficult to ignore the financial impact of your decision.  Yet when you think deeper about why you are considering the change, the major reason is rarely just the financial. We start businesses because...

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Are You Ready For The Best Thing Ever

The time you invest to better yourself is always a good investment. In this series we have loosely been walking through a personal SWOT analysis.  You can find more about the process from the series. The question to answer today is:  Are you ready for the best thing ever? SWOT Not Just For Projects Anymore Traditionally you start a SWOT analysis by drawing a four panel window pane.  In each pane you itemize the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats associated with your goal. The process is useful because it forces us to look objectively at the goal. If you can...

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Brainstorming to Identify Your Next Perfect Project

Whether your current project focus is at home or work, when you love what you do you may find it challenging to narrow your focus. It is a great gift to be able to do work that you love to do.  So take advantage of brainstorming to identify your next perfect project and see the difference between just doing something versus accomplishing something great. Here at YRM we are proponents of the brainstorming process.  Not only is it a tried and true method, but it encourages us to engage with others.  We use it often to help teams gain greater...

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Five Key Components to Help Foster a Culture of Forgiveness

Culture, simply stated, is the sum of common actions, beliefs and thoughts held by a group. Workplace culture is interesting since individuals all bring unique cultural norms to work with them. That’s why it is critical to intentionally foster a culture of forgiveness in all organizations. Inevitably, there will be disagreements, failed projects and mistakes all of which necessitate a framework for getting back to normal. It’s idealistic to believe that every organization can build reconciliation and open discussion into its core values.  Organizations that are not proactive in this area will be ill equipped to address even minor...

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