Author: Darryl J

It’s Up To Me

We must say to ourself, that it’s up to me to get it done. If you are like many of us who constantly have trouble remaining focused on your goals.  You are either spreading yourself too thin or focusing on the wrong goals.  At some point you have to say “It’s up to me”, to get the job done. We share the principle of picking approximately three goals that are most important, and stick to them. We should not burden ourselves with any other goals until these goals are achieved (or unless priorities shift and these goals no longer...

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Resourceful People Don’t Let The Process Block Their Progress

In life we will face problems we could ever imagine.  Therefore, we should always make the most of our current situation. We have to take stock of our external resources along with the internal resources we bring to the table.  These two sets of resources are critical to our response to surprises.  More importantly, resourceful people don’t let the process block their progress.  Lets look at some key characteristics for maximizing your resources during a challenge. Resourceful people see ahead of the problem Before we face a problem it’s critical that we spend time developing our skills, knowledge base and our...

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Maximize Your Strengths And Do What You Do Best

Do What You Do Best In this day and age we tend to pick up lots of different skills. For instance, to pastor a church, you need to possess Godly character, love people, be part orator, part handy-man, part counselor, community activist, fundraiser, compassionate, business leader, social media specialist, part email marketing specialist, advertising specialist, marketing specialist, etc, etc. If you are a small business owner trying to take care of all the tasks of your business, you probably aren’t doing what you do best.  You focus must be strengthing the aspects that differentiate you from your competitors. This is a...

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Start Brainstorming For Your Next Great Idea

What do you do with all of your new found spring energy?  Below I will share some great methods for zooming in on your next great idea.  It is easier than you think to start brainstorming for your next great idea. Spring In The Air Spring time is the time of the year things come to life. For the purpose of this post we are talking about your ideas, hopes and dreams. Often when it comes to our thoughts on what we desire, the thoughts are plenty.  We must then focus our energy into trying to zone in on our...

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