The YRM Team – Coaching, Facilitating and Speaking

You know the direction you want to go and we can help you get there.

Change is never easy.  There is a reason why some people embrace change and others run and hide.  That’s where we can help!

Your Relationships Matter walks with you—uncovering the obstacles in your way, leading the difficult conversations in a way that is productive and results oriented, and providing a fresh pair of eyes on weaknesses and opportunities you may have turned blind to.

Relationships—personal and professional—are too important to trust to chance. The best way to move organizations forward is to invest in team members by building strong interpersonal skills.

Darryl and Tisa have devoted years of study and preparation to help you build the best personal and professional relationships – driving successful results.

Darryl’s Bio  – @DocDJrelates

Darryl (Doc) is the pastor and founder of Champions 4 Christ Church in Douglasville, Georgia.  At an early age he understood the importance of people and the value of relating to each person in a unique way. Darryl builds relationships everywhere he goes. As a native of Atlanta, there are not too many places he can go in Atlanta and not run into someone he knows directly or indirectly.

Darryl  is a gifted leader and communicator who takes joy in seeing people succeed in the plans and purposes for their lives. He is highly sought after by family, friends and colleague for advice on relationship matters. Darryl has a magnificent way of incorporating biblical truths and principles into everyday language. Darryl has read and studied volumes of authors who offer advice on relationships. His education, training, talents and skills have prepared him to be one of the leading experts in the field of relationships. Darryl (Doc) would love to show you and those you care about that “Your Relationships Matter!”

Tisa’s Bio – @1TisaJ

Tisa is the co-founder of Champions 4 Christ Church.  Tisa is an only child and the fact that “relationships matter” was a hard learned lesson. Her journey is a testament to the fact that we can all learn to build close relationships, treat others better and live happier. Tisa writes on leadership, professional advancement, finance and faith topics.  Her long time motto is “It’s not faith if you are not using it”.  She is a proponent of intentionally carving out strong work-life balance practices for healthy personal and professional relationships.

As a student of innovative leadership, Tisa helps others navigate work environments and business relationships.  Her studies in business, project management and religious leadership have afforded her opportunities to consult with government agencies and non-profit organizations. Leadership can be learned and it starts with good relationships. Life is too precious for anyone to miss that “Your Relationships Matter”.