In life we will face problems we could ever imagine.  Therefore, we should always make the most of our current situation. We have to take stock of our external resources along with the internal resources we bring to the table.  These two sets of resources are critical to our response to surprises.  More importantly, resourceful people don’t let the process block their progress.  Lets look at some key characteristics for maximizing your resources during a challenge.

Resourceful people see ahead of the problem

Before we face a problem it’s critical that we spend time developing our skills, knowledge base and our support network. These are all key elements that will allow us to become more resourceful when facing a problem. We essentially need to build up an arsenal of resources that we can effectively turn to and use when we need them most.

In addition to growing our resource list, it’s helpful to practice anticipating the general problems we might face in advance. Then we will be more than prepared to deal with these problems when they arise. We should ask ourselves:

  • What goals am I working toward?
  • What could potentially go wrong as I work toward these goals?
  • How would I solve all these problems?
  • What resources might be of most value?
  • Do I have these resources at my disposal? If not, how will I acquire them?

The clearer we are about the types of problems we might potentially face the better equipped we are.  The resources that might be of value to help us solve each problem have to be identified.  The more resourceful we become when facing the potential setbacks that may arise along our journey the better.

Resourceful People

Resourceful people remain focused during the problem

You don’t want to create a greater issue by hastily addressing a current problem. That’s why it is critical to remain focused and calm as you quickly gather as much information as you can.  Limit the assumptions you make and try to gather facts.  A key tool for resourceful people is identifying the right people to answer questions during a crisis.

As you assess your situation begin by asking these questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Who is involved? How are they involved?
  • What was the cause of this problem?
  • What can potentially be done to solve this problem?
  • Have I solved a similar problem like this before?
  • Has anyone else solved a similar problem like this before?
  • Who could potentially help me?
  • What valuable resources could these people have that I could use to help me solve this problem?
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I believe one of the keys to our resourcefulness in any situation is having the ability to weigh what other people can bring into this situation to help us solve our problem. Though, at times other people may not be in a position to assist us. In fact, often the only person we can truly depend on is ourselves. So, we will need to dig deep into our own pool of resources in order to solve the problem.

If the only person we can depend on is ourselves, then it’s time to take full responsibility for our predicament and work on finding an adequate solution to the problem we face. Yes, it’s time that we dig deeper within ourselves and ask ourselves:

  • What are some viable solutions we could try that could help us solve this problem?
  • How could we potentially make the most of these options?
  • Could we potentially use what’s available?

There is usually something in our environment that can be useful to help us in our current predicament. We must take time to get familiar with what specifically is going on around us. Often, there are opportunities that we are not seeing. Now we can ask:

  • How could we use this?
  • What specifically could we apply to this problem?
  • How could it be of value?
  • Could we use it in a way that could help us take advantage of this situation?

This may not be the right answer that we are looking for, or the right answer may just not be clear. The key is to simply build some momentum. One thing will lead to something else, and then that could potentially lead to a breakthrough.

Now is a great time to look at creative solutions to help us maximize what we currently have at our disposal. During this time we may have to be willing to bend a rule from what is the norm by asking:

  • Are there any insights that can be gained from taking this course of action?
  • Is it possible that there may be new paths available?
  • What is it that may be moving in this new direction?
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There are times it will be helpful to see the problem we face from a different perspective. I accept the belief that a problem doesn’t need to be problematic, it could be an opportunity to take a new plan of action that we hadn’t considered before. We should be open to these possibilities in order to take full advantage of the circumstances.

More importantly, we should keep an open mind and to maintain a resourceful attitude. There will always be more that we’re potentially not seeing, and there will always be more that we could be doing. So, we must be open to the possibilities that more can be done. Just stay flexible and keep asking questions; eventually they will lead to an optimal path.

Resourceful people don’t get too comfortable after the problem

It does not matter if we have successfully dealt with the problem or failed miserably, it’s always helpful to spend a little time reflecting on our experience. This time of self-reflection will provide us with the necessary insights we need to tweak our approach the next time around when we are facing the same or a similar problem by asking ourselves:

  • How effectively did we solve this problem?
  • Did we make full use of the resources we had at our disposal?
  • How would we rate our level of resourcefulness out of 10?
  • Where could we have potentially been more resourceful?
  • How could we be more resourceful the next time around?

The more we can take away from our experience, the more prepared we will be the next time around when facing a similar opportunity.

You have a resource

As your personal resource, we encourage you to look within and without to stay focused and reach your goals. So, when it comes to being better on purpose, do the same. Don’t let the process block your progress.  Click here to contact us.  I can promise that you will be glad you did because your relationships matter.