The YRM Team – Speaking Engagements

Do you need to book a guest speaker to address your next group or organizational gathering?  We understand the thought, preparation and financial investment it takes to implement new ideas.  As experienced speakers, we guarantee we can positively motivate your team.  We believe organizational change requires special delivery as well as skilled messengers. Don’t go at it alone.  We can help you to drive home your mission by facilitating a series of sessions.  You can’t get your organization moving in a new direction until you get everyone engaged.  We know the right questions to ask about your audience to deliver a message that will have a lasting impact.

An added bonus to utilizing the services of a guest speaker is that YOU get to hear your message.  Your team will get to see you engaged and excited about your message.  Additionally, having a guest speaker allows you to focus some of your attention on the audience’s response.

Why book a guest speaker?

  • Free staff to focus on conference details
  • Provides valuable external perspective
  • Focuses your audience on the message