YRMonline Relationship WorkshopsContact us to lead relationship workshops for your group or organization.  The YRM Team can accommodate small and large teams.  We have a wide range of workshops for your selection.  Additionally, we can customize sessions to suit your needs.  Our sessions are interactive and life changing.  The workshop content is professionally prepared, competently delivered and highly relevant to current relational challenges.

You can browse our most popular series below and contact us to get scheduled.

How to get the most out of relationship workshops?

You can help us ensure that you get the best possible results by:

  • Letting us know your topic or occasion
  • Sharing your real world, current scenarios or challenges specific to your group
  • Providing any venue limitations
  • Confirming the final attendee count as soon as possible


Current Workshops

YRM Corporate Workshop Series

  • Change Management That Works
  • Conflict Resolution For Virtual Teams
  • Building a “Bully” Free Culture
  • Religious Inclusion For Now
  • Let’s Talk About Diversity

Customized Workshops Available Contact Us

YRM Career Series

  • Getting Ahead Faster *NOW ENROLLING*
  • Which Career is Right for Me
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Changing Careers
  • Branding for Career and Business

YRM Singles Series

  • Growing Stronger
  • The Best Me
  • Single Parenting
  • Am I Ready to Date

YRM Dating Series

  • Small groups
  • Ladies Only
  • For The Guys

YRM Better Marriage Series

  • Before We Do
  • Who Am I
  • Who are We
  • Forgiveness
  • Relationships 101